Tymen Visser -retrospective exhibition-
タイメン フィッサー 回顧展


1984年オランダ生まれのタイマン ヴィッサーは鎌倉を拠点に活動しています。




一方で、オランダと日本の関係に対するタイマンの関心は、ますます高まって来ています。現在、日本に住んでいるオランダ人は多くはありません。しかしながら日本におけるオランダの影響は何世紀にもわたって受け継がれているとも言えるでしょう。先人たちが築き上げたこの豊かな背景をもとに、タイマン ヴィッサーはメイド・イン・ジャパンのオランダ・デザインを創造しています。


この機会に是非タイマン ヴィッサーの感性を楽しんで頂けると幸いです。

倉科敬子 1010美術


Tymen Visser (1984) Born in The Netherlands.

Based in Kamakura Japan, Through his paintings, Visser seeks to liberate the icon, leaving only the essentials’ and says that making art has always been his way of showing appreciation of the world around him. He is generally inspired by everyday life.

Having spent several years traveling to and from Japan, Visser set up base in Japan in December 2010. The past 14 years have been highly influential on a personal as well as artistic basis – his techniques, concepts, materials and styles have been heavily inspired by the dynamic surroundings of this vibrant country, and the people who live in it.

While his studio is in Kamakura, it is surrounded by a peacefulness and tranquility of nature, and many historical sites, This environment is representative of the duality that is so prevalent in the Japanese way of life – old vs new; tranquility vs chaos; high tech vs analogue to name a few. Visser’s passion for Japan and it’s culture stems from before his birth – his parents

Visser’s passion for Japan and it’s culture stems from before his birth – his parents had made several visits themselves in the early 1970s. Growing up, Visser was surrounded by Japanese artefacts collected over the year – his father would make sushi and built his own Japanese tatami room in their home in Rotterdam.

Visser’s interest in the relationship between Holland and Japan has but grown. Although few Dutch currently reside in Japan, the centuries of Dutch influence in Japan are still alive. It is with this rich background established by his forefathers that Visser creates and expresses his interpretation of Dutch design made in Japan.

As a long time admirer of design, his present collection has expanded extensively through different and more accessible formats to reach the hands of art lovers – paintings, prints, cushions and carpets are all part of the ever expanding body of works.

Keiko Kurashina
Gallerist, 1010Art Gallery

Tymen Visser タイメンフィッサー
-retrospective exhibition-
Saturday 16th March  – Sunday 31th March,
11:30 – 18:30 水曜休廊 closed on Wednesdays