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2010年より国内外の美術館等で発表してきた「Cultivation (培養体)」シリーズは、大小様々なディスク状の作品群を床や壁に展示し、シャーレ(実験用培養皿)の中で培養された「ミクロ小宇宙」から、「マクロ大宇宙」へ展開させた壮大なインスタレーション作品です。

新作「Variant: Interface Between Life and Death(変異体:生と死の界面)」は、生命進化の過程で発生する「突然変異と多様性」に着目して、新たな表現を試みています。





倉科敬子 1010美術


Koichi Kiyono is one of the pioneers in developing not only flat prints, but also three-dimensional works and installations based on printmaking techniques and applying them.

Search for life has been the basic theme of Kiyono’s work over the past 30 years, expressing the dynamism of the ‘life cycle: birth – growth – death – rebirth’.

The ‘Cultivation’ series exhibited at museums in Japan and abroad starting in 2010, are spectacular installation work with  a group of disc-shaped works of various sizes displayed on the floor and the walls in different sizes ranging from a ‘microcosm’ cultured in a petri dish (laboratory culture dish) to a ‘macrocosm’.

This new series of works “Variant” : Interface between Life and Death focuses on the ‘mutation and diversity’ that occurs in the process of life evolution and the artist attempts a new form of expressions.

The work is based on the ‘Cultures’ series, but the main focus is how to transform the image and texture from the conventional disc-like surface printed with woodblocks or copperplates on a quilt core. To this end, beading (the process of stitching glass beads into fabric one by one with a needle) and organza fabrics are employed to find unique expressions that give a special sense of majestic richness, transparency, jewel-like luminous massiveness, pulsating delicate rhythm, etc.

The theme of this year’s work is strongly influenced by issues such as the C19P, Russia’s invasion in Ukrainia, the global warming and environmental destruction in the expression of the work. On the other hand, the artist’s beloved mother passed away in May after a long period of home care, and his experience of grief and loss, which was deeper than he could imagine, gave his a strong impetus to create new works.

We hope you will enjoy Koichi Kiyono’s new series ‘Variant: Interface of Life and Death’, a solemn and quiet world of mourning for the dead and prayers for their repose.

November, 2023

Keiko Kurashina
Gallerist, 1010Art Gallery



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