Junko OKAMOTO Exhibition
岡本 順子 展

Junko OKAMOTO Exhibition  岡本 順子 展[平面]
2018 10.13 sat – 10.27 sat closed wed

岡本順子は、2017年イギリス王立芸術院での国際公募展サマーエキシビションに、1010美術から初挑戦して入選。その作品「Rusty Flower (錆びた花)」はロンドンで、20万人以上の人びとの目に触れた。

For Junko Okamoto, this is the 4th solo exhibition at 1010Art Gallery. Her theme of “time” is seen with totally fresh impressions in her art works. She uses a new color of dye that shines and silently exists on “shikkui” panels, telling you her interpretation of “time” and something more.
She participated in Summer Exhibition at Royal Academy of Art in 2017 and her work entitled “Rusty Flower” was exhibited to be viewed by more than 200,000 art lovers in London.